bottle trap and jesse
We have a river which runs through our allotment site, it usually dries up in the summer with only a few small pools left for any wildlife. We wanted to know if there were any fish in it so we built a fish trap out of a plastic bottle and some dried mango. Dried mango works brilliantly, we tried with just bread but we didn’t catch as many.

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tadpole for breakfast

tadpole for breakfast

Well not really, obviously, but he did get bought to the table to “join in” … as with all wildlife that gets captured, studied and admired he’ll be released back to where he came from. We are going to the river down by the allotments later today to see if we can capture some sticklebacks.


newt - a female crested newt

She’s a female crested newt, found under a flower pot in next doors garden. We put her back after the boys had a good look, Jesse in particular would make PG Wodehouse proud.

On the Allotment: I think the carrots might have germinated… or it might be weeds, time will tell. I think it is too cold still for them to germinate so we’ll see.

Only getting a few Burdocks coming through after all the digging. They are really relentless little buggers. 🙂

I’m still waiting on the Aubergines to germinate, and I am managing to hold off planting the cucumbers. I’ll do them at the end of March.