bottle trap and jesse
We have a river which runs through our allotment site, it usually dries up in the summer with only a few small pools left for any wildlife. We wanted to know if there were any fish in it so we built a fish trap out of a plastic bottle and some dried mango. Dried mango works brilliantly, we tried with just bread but we didn’t catch as many.

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newt - a female crested newt

She’s a female crested newt, found under a flower pot in next doors garden. We put her back after the boys had a good look, Jesse in particular would make PG Wodehouse proud.

On the Allotment: I think the carrots might have germinated… or it might be weeds, time will tell. I think it is too cold still for them to germinate so we’ll see.

Only getting a few Burdocks coming through after all the digging. They are really relentless little buggers. 🙂

I’m still waiting on the Aubergines to germinate, and I am managing to hold off planting the cucumbers. I’ll do them at the end of March.