Rainy Romans


While we were visiting Burgh Castle it rained enough to fill our water butt… I had to empty it because it had sprung a leak… all hail the mighty super glue (you had better hold #shakesfist). It is fed from a 4.5m2 flat roof, so there must have been a lot of rain. The river down by the allotment was pretty high last night, so we are going to put another fish trap in to see what difference a fast flowing river makes.

A discussion on why jumping in the mud might not be a good idea (with no changes of clothes and it being flipping freezing).

Wild Angelica
Interesting planty Roman ‘fact’, when they came over to improve our roads, make us wash and borrow our resources… amongst other things, they bought with them Angelica. Apparently it tastes like celery (incidentally ours has just germinated #thumbsup, celery that is). 2000 years after the Romans arrived it’s still here. Nature is an amazing thing.


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