bottle trap and jesse
We have a river which runs through our allotment site, it usually dries up in the summer with only a few small pools left for any wildlife. We wanted to know if there were any fish in it so we built a fish trap out of a plastic bottle and some dried mango. Dried mango works brilliantly, we tried with just bread but we didn’t catch as many.

We caught about 10 sticklebacks… it was one of those great moments where everything just worked. I’m always having great ideas about what we could build and test… most don’t work, but this one was brilliant. If you have a river near you give it a go.

spear fishing - 04
Gabe repeatedly said “i’m not gonna leave without my tea” – we did though as spear fishing is a lot harder than it looks. 😉

spear fishing - 02

spear fishing - 05

I think we all had fun, I know I did.


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